Por Que/Why?

For a long time I've been keeping google docs, emails and long list of notes on my phone filled with ideas, book lists, telephone numbers, emails and all sort of other things that would make it possible for me to figure out this whole homeschooling thing. We decided that homeschooling was a good fit for our family but ran into so many questions from how to do get started to how will we homeschool when they get to high school. We will be doing dual language homeschooling program. Our children are bilingual so won't necessarily be teaching them a new language simply guiding/educating in both languages. In the next few months I will be documenting all the people we talk to, books we read, research articles or any material we come in contact with that will enable us to be able to homeschool. For the next 2 years this blog will document our journey to homeschooling rather than homeschooling its self. We want to connect and share with others hoping to do the same thing as us. There will be some posts about the things we enjoy doing, educational activities or any other random things we decide to share. Below are a few pictures of our family so you can add a face to the posts! :) If you are thinking about homeschooling what were some of the first places you went to for information?


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