Libros we are reading this week

I love local libraries because they have so many free and fun books in Spanish, some of which I have never read. A few weeks back, at one of my favorite libraries, the librarian in the children's section suggested that I bring her a list of books I've seen online, but that the library currently doesn't have in stock. I did and she agreed to order them. This was great because the books I wanted are very popular and hard to find. Also, it's the worst to spend time and money on a book only to find that it doesn't live up to your expectations. Try doing this in your area sometime. Here are four picture books to get you started:

1. Conejo y Sombreo: a well written, captivating poem that rhymes about a little rabbit who finds more than just a hat, he finds a whole new way of life!

2. Buenas Noches Luna: a classic night-time story that's perfect for a bed time routine.

3. Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match: this little book teaches bilingual and mixed-race children about embracing differences and individuality. This one is a longer read so might not be perfect for young readers, but pre-schoolers and elementary school-aged children would definitely enjoy it.

4. Si yo Fuera un Leon: this book is AWESOME! You know those fun displays at carnivals and state fairs that have cut-outs for children's faces? This book does the same type of thing only in a board-book format. Every page has an animal picture and hole for the child to poke their face through. My toddlers love it!


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