FAQ (1): Will your kids be homeschool weirdos?

I wanted to share the project I have been silently working on for the last month. I had a lot of help from a good friend of mine, Norma, at church. She is an amazing seamstress! Together (mainly her) we made E and N matching dresses for Easter. Any time I have wanted to make something from scratch I have always had amazing people ready to jump in and help me. Networking is so important to finding success. Its all about who you know. There are many people who don’t think that homeschoolers get a chance to network broadly. I get asked the following question a lot, am I nervous that my girls will turn out socially awkward because they will be homeschooled.  The simply answer no. Long answer, social skills are acquired in various different forms and places. If public school was the only place where we got socialized that would be scary. Although it is true that children today spend at least a good 6-8 hours of their day at school, school is not the primary source of their social structure. We socialize in many different environments: home (primarily), extended family, church, community-based programs like sports, neighbors, school, internet and social media. Are there weird homeschoolers? Yes. Are their weird mainstream public schoolers? Heck yeah. I went to school with jocks, drama kids, druggies, sexually actively band geeks and the list goes on ;). We will however make sure that our children are involved in the community, church and that they have a life outside of our house so they can gain their own experiences. In fact that’s what we want to achieve through home school. We want them to have more time to explore their interests whatever they maybe and learn to be their own person.

Back to making these dresses. It was hard work it took hours. I thought it would be easy but it turns out dress making is more involved than I ever thought it could be. However, it keeps me sane to be able to do something other than housework. Learning a new skill keeps me on my toes. If you are interested E's dress was made using a simplicity pattern from Joann's. Nina's dress pattern can be found here. You know I was never going to be the cheesy mom that dressed my girls in matchy-matchy stuff and here I am. Full of cheese!


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